Improving Student Success
Arkansas State's Partnership with Credo and Regional High Schools

Are new students coming to your university ready to succeed or are they being overwhelmed by the college experience? Does faculty complain that they spend more time, with increasing frustration, providing basic research instruction to new students? Is your institution being challenged to increase 1st and 2nd year retention rates? Two librarians from Arkansas State University (A-State) and Credo Reference's General Manager will discuss their innovative collaboration in which A-State and Credo are working together to bring information literacy resources and instruction to local high schools in support of college readiness.

This session will cover a number of issues, including how the library engaged and garnered administration support, the challenge in establishing meaningful partnerships with local high schools, and developing and tracking the right metrics to validate progress. Topics of discussion will include ways in which the library can do more to enhance its strategic importance relative to administration goals; an overview of the established goals and how success will be tracked in areas including college preparedness, retention, graduation rates, GPA, and recruiting; and why this matters to the A-State Library.

Presented By:

April Sheppard
Assistant Director of Public Services,Arkansas State University

April Sheppard was appointed Assistant Director of Public Services of the Dean B. Ellis Library at Arkansas State University in 2012. Before her most recent appointment, April served as the Library’s Government Documents Librarian for six years – in the same department she worked as a student worker while obtaining both of her undergraduate degrees from Arkansas State. She then moved to Circulation full-time while working towards her MLS from Texas Woman’s University.


Jeff Bailey
Director of the Dean B. Ellis Library, Arkansas State University

Jeff Bailey was appointed Director of the Dean B. Ellis Library of Arkansas State University in 2012 after leading the library for three years in an interim capacity.  In his library career, Jeff has held positions in both public and technical services, including serving in the Head of Collection Development and Assistant Director for Public Services positions at Arkansas State. Jeff received his MSLS from Clarion University of Pennsylvania and has been a frequent presenter at the Charleston Conference since 2008.