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Bursting the Echo Chamber: Resources to Fight Polarization and Empower Critical Thinking Skills

Thursday, September 13th 2:00 PM EDT / 11:00 AM PDT

The current era of unprecedented political polarization affects everything from how we gather information to where we live and whom we marry. Teaching students to navigate this increasingly tumultuous information landscape is one of the most important aspects of cultivating strong critical thinkers and responsible citizens.

Join CEO Kamy Akhavan as he shares the rigorous editorial process his organization undertakes to accurately represent multiple facets of complex issues for their 25 million annual users. Attendees will explore ways to best help students engage in meaningful conversations around contentious subjects without leaning on partisan talking points or falling for fake news through Kamy's discussions about:

Arrow Strategies for drawing people out of their echo chambers
Arrow Sharing how trusted open web resources can help researchers cut through the noise to find reliable information on trending topics
Arrow Exploring ProCon’s partnership with Credo 

Meet Our Presenter

kamy akhavanKambiz "Kamy" Akhavan

Kambiz "Kamy” Akhavan is the CEO of, the nation’s most used and trusted resource for the pros and cons of issues. For decades Kamy has worked to improve the quality and accessibility of civics education and debate. He has been interviewed on TV, radio, and print, including Reuters, Associated Press, Fox News, ABC, NPR, CNN, CBS. He holds a BA and MA in History from UCLA.