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Science IL: A Case Study of a Long-Term Library/Science Faculty Collaboration
Thursday, February 28,  2 PM EST

Collaboration between faculty and librarians is an ideal instructional scenario, but creating it can be a challenge, especially in the sciences. A partnership between the coordinators of the Anatomy and Library Instruction programs at NorthWest Arkansas Community College resulted in a shared information literacy rubric for introductory anatomy classes, assignment-driven library instruction for the majority of sections, and relationships between the library, faculty, and students. Shawna Thorup, Head of Reference and Instruction, and Professor Carey Chaney, a science faculty member will share their journey from a 2016 presentation about ACRL’s Framework to today and provide practical tips for adopting and adapting their experience.

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Blog Posts

Lateral Reading: A How-To

Information literacy librarians (correctly) teach students to evaluate the websites they use for papers and other academic purposes by looking at features such as the site’s domain, its appearance, who the author is, etc. These are necessary steps, but there are increasing calls for evaluation to be broader. Read more at Credo's blog


Journalists' Predictions for 2019: IL Makes the Cut

Nieman Lab logoEnd-of year-roundups are popping up all over right now. Our advice is to skip the 100th “best gifts” list that landed in your mailbox--instead enjoy NiemanLab’s latest set of predictions for the year ahead in journalism. The annual feature interviews numerous people in the world of journalism, technology, and publishing about what they think the new year will bring. This time round, news accuracy, ways of ensuring it, and predications about how the public will react to disinformation in 2019 are frequently raised topics. Read more at Credo's blog

Patron Privacy Matters

PrimerMaybe you’ve considered journey mapping of patron experiences as a way to improve your library’s services. Or you might be conducting other user research as part of your work or for a library school assignment. Either way, patron privacy should be a first concern. Two new resources will be of assistance as you consider how to protect patron data and other sensitive information that you gather. Read more at Credo's blog

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New Credo Resources

Final Version of Credo's IL Strategy Handbook Releasedhandbook cover

Credo has released the final version of our IL Strategy Handbook, a free online publication that covers how to plan, implement, and improve an IL program. Please register here to receive the full handbook. You may have seen some of the sections as we released them over the past few months--this final release includes those existing chapters as well as a new bibliography and further-reading list.

We hope the handbook will help you to find great success in your IL efforts in the new year! 


Marketing Your Credo Resources

Introducing Instruct to Faculty? Use our Slides!

If you're preparing for a faculty institute or other event where you have the chance to present library resources, we have created a PowerPoint that you can use to introduce Credo's Instruct multimedia. The slideshow lets faculty know how teaching IL can benefit them, discusses what Credo Instruct offers, and describes how to use it in an online class.

Credo Instruct Faculty Presentation: PowerPoint Version

Getting started with instruct

Getting Started with Instruct

Give this "Getting Started with Instruct" flyer to your faculty to help them understand the importance of information literacy and how Credo's resources can help them save time in the classroom and impart fundamental skills to their students.

Example Curriculum Mapping of Instruct Multimedia

How can the multimedia included in your subscription match your institution's curriculum? See our curriculum mapping suggestions for ideas of where to use Credo's videos and tutorials so that they can best match with common learning outcomes.

Instruct Multimedia Aligned with Research Assignment

Get Credo's material working for you by using the multimedia in an assignment. This handout gives you a head start by showing how Instruct's videos and tutorials can help students to complete an annotated bibliography assignment over several weeks.

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