The Four (or Five?) B's: Preparing for the Research Process

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Jodie became troubled by the fact that so many students were ignoring library resources and jumping straight into Google with only the goal of getting X number of sources. They would then knit those random sources together however they could for their project. As she explained in the webinar, “I know all too well that gathering those books and articles without some sort of game plan results in projects that lack coherence.“

Jodie’s alliteration became her strategy for teaching the important features of reference sources that she felt were helpful for all students, regardless of their major or assignment. Originally devised for 100-level composition courses, she’s since used this in many different settings. The Four (or Five?) B's is an alliterative approach to persuading students that a few minutes spent doing background research is a wise investment of their time.

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Presented by:

Jodie Morin
Library Director
Buena Vista University