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Make a first-year impression with Credo
Access webinars, blogs, case studies, and more!

Webinar recording: Bursting the Echo Chamber: Resources to Fight Polarization and Empower Critical Thinking Skills Webinar
Join CEO Kamy Akhavan as he shares the rigorous editorial process his organization undertakes to accurately represent multiple facets of complex issues for their 25 million annual users. Attendees will learn strategies for drawing students out of their echo chambers, and explore trusted open web resources to help researchers locate reliable information on trending topics

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Webinar recording: How We Teach Is What We Teach: Integrating Effective FYE Instruction
Join Kent State University Library Director Mary Hricko and Fresno State Doctoral Student Ray Pun as they discuss strategies for improving the efficacy of information literacy instruction by using resources like Credo, and how to bring faculty into the loop so they too can positively impact student outcomes

Webinar recording: Emerging Library Trends in the FYE: New Ideas for Impacting Student Success
From FYE to ROI to HIP, librarians are seeing new acronyms emerge in their campus administrations’ initiatives. First year student success librarian Raymond Pun and ACRL president-elect, Lauren Pressley will discuss strategies, activities, and programs to support these shifting expectations.

Webinar Recording: Agents of Change: Librarians Innovating in the FYE 
Access the full webinar from inaugural FYE Innovation Award Winners Laura Kohl of Bryant University and Christine Bombaro of Dickinson College. Learn how they brought campus stakeholders on-board with their visions, how they demonstrated the value of information literacy in the FYE, and how your school can replicate the success of their programs.
 choice Choice Podcast: A First Year Experience Toolbox
Access podcasts for academic librarians featuring strategies, best practices, and studies around important topics in the FYE.

Credo FYE Guide: Practices for Enhancing Instruction
In order to best support librarians navigating this quickly growing space, we’ve put together an interactive e-guide to support librarian FYE initiatives covering everything from orientation to assessment. This free guide includes activity instructions, case studies, lesson plans, and more!

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FYE Insights and News
Raymond Pun, Fresno State doctoral student, brings his unique perspective as the Credo Blog’s FYE Correspondent. Every month he and guest librarians report on current trends and practices in the FYE. 

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Credo supports your first year experience library initiatives
with products to meet your library's specific needs!

Credo Online Reference Service combines an intuitive user-interface with top-tier reference content for the ideal one-stop exploratory search platform. The Charleston Advisor calls it, "an excellent place for students to begin their research, or to learn about the process of doing research during information literacy instruction."

Learning Tools  Allow your library to choose from a suite of instructional content and assessment tools that best meet your needs. Whether your library is launching an information literacy initiative or looking to deepen current programming, our standards-aligned multimedia materials can help you make an immediate impact at your institution.

Credo Can Help Your Library: 

  • Maximize research skills instruction for the greatest impact on student success
  • Build students’ familiarity with valuable library resources and services
  • Assess student outcomes consistently across courses or departments

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