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Lost in the Information Landscape: Helping Students Find Their Bearings with Credo

We live in an age of information overload, where individuals can create their own private news and media enclaves. Social media allows people to filter out what they don't care to see and engage with ideas that only serve to reinforce existing beliefs. Despite increased public awareness, mis- and disinformation, often referred to under the umbrella of “fake news”, continue to grow and evolve as problems for information consumers.

Join Dan Chibnall, STEM Librarian at Drake University, as he shares strategies for teaching students to navigate the rivers of information, become discerning consumers, separate fact from fiction, and approach sources with an objective eye. Dan will discuss lesson plans, activities, and assessment tools he’s used when teaching his course on information literacy.

Attendees will also learn about how to utilize Credo in instruction for maximal effect by:

  • Incorporating Credo Online Reference Service into classroom activities and research assignments
  • Working with the Mind Map tool to discover related material
  • Examining how Credo helps teach “Searching as Strategic Exploration” in the ACRL Framework
  • Helping students use this resource to see how research sits inside a network of other research

Meet the presenter

Nelsa_chrisl.jpgDan Chibnall
STEM Librarian
Drake University

Dan Chibnall received his MLS from the University of Missouri-Columbia in 2005. He is the STEM Librarian at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa and has been in that role since July 2016. Prior to that, he served as the User Services and Instructional Design Librarian at Grand View University for ten years. His focus is on embedded librarianship, information literacy skills, science communication, and helping students build more robust research skills & habits. He has presented at numerous conferences over the years on teaching collaborations and integrating research skills into curricula. Dan also currently serves as President  of the Iowa Library Association.