Credo has always been the best place for users to start their research. With our commitment to providing world-class scholarly content and innovative technology, we're now considered the go-to instruction resource for libraries of all sizes and types globally.

Check out some new features and ongoing updates to
the Credo Online Reference Service platform!

interface-1 Refreshed user-interface
makes searching and discovering information intuitive for learners at all levels
RTR-2 Expanded Real-time Reference content
gives users reliable insights and context for researching events unfolding in the headlines
mind map-3 Embeddable Mind Map 
allows sharing within learning management systems, LibGuides, and course pages; exposing this interactive research tool to more students needing to visualize connections across topics
embed-4 Simplified Credo Embeds and permalinks
facilitate collaboration with faculty and make it easy to embed articles in your learning management system (LMS) or virtual learning environment (VLE)
quick tips-1 New: Research Quick Tips 
provide concise, informative videos embedded throughout the platform to cultivate IL skills while students research



Choice summed up Credo Online Reference Service in a 2017 review as...
 quote marks ...Essential. All libraries. All levels." 

"Librarians, instructors, and academic-success staff who work with undergraduates … find it a first-rate place to visit first when they are looking for validated sources of information."


Credo's Literati research platform won in 2014*

 Use tips and best practices from our free resources to enhance your library instruction! 

fye guide-1

stratey handbook

 The Credo FYE Guide:
Practices for Enhancing Instruction

Enjoy exploring various FYE topics with first year student success librarian Raymond Pun, as he dives into current trends supported by case studies, webinar recordings, and more!

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 The Credo IL Strategy Handbook
From Planning to Assessment: 
A Guide to Creating a Successful IL Program

 Our handbook breaks down each step in the process with current research, examples, and activities.

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