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Information Literacy in Context—Expanding Foundational Skills Instruction into the Disciplines

Students benefit from learning foundational skills such as information literacy and critical thinking in a variety of settings. While Gen Ed is an obvious starting point, squeezing IL into already packed discipline curricula and keeping faculty up-to-date can be a challenge.

Join Jonna Peterson, senior clinical informationist at Northwestern University, and Amanda DiFeterici, instructional librarian and product manager at Credo Reference, as they present innovative approaches to broadening the reach of foundational skills instruction.

Attendees will learn:

  • Tips and best practices for teaching information literacy within specific disciplines

  • Strategies for collaborating with faculty at your institution

  • How emerging technologies and resources like Credo’s Instruct: Health Science are creating new opportunities for instruction and assessment

Meet the presenters:

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Jonna Peterson
Senior Clinical Informationist
Northwestern University

Jonna works with the Department of Medicine, spending three mornings a week answering clinical questions and playing the role of human ambassador to the resources Galter Health Sciences Library provides.


Amanda DiFeterici
Senior Product Manager
Credo Reference

Amanda brings a decade of experience in education as an instructional librarian, library director, and instructional designer to her role as Senior Product Manager with Credo Reference.