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A First Year Experience Toolbox
An examination of first year student misconceptions about information literacy - what they are, where they come from, and how librarians can effectively address them.
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Information Literacy, FYE, and Collaboration in Practice
How librarians can add their voice to campus-wide FYE planning, and tips for sparking meaningful collaborative partnerships. 
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A Bird’s Eye View of Collaboration
Challenges and benefits that come with collaboration, and tips for sustaining partnerships year after year. 


A Tactical Approach to Collaboration
A look at who libraries should collaborate with, tips for making the best use of your time in pursuing such partnerships, and ideas for building bridges off campus as well. 
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Enhancing the Student's Library Experience
 A conversation about the student library experience and FYE programming with librarians from a community college, a master’s granting institution, and a university.

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Expanding the Library's Reach
 Thoughts on how to impact more students and make the most of the opportunities librarians have to interact with first year students.

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A User Focused Vision
 How to bring empathy to your outreach and programming efforts, and how to establish a connection with busy faculty members.

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Overcoming Student Anxiety in the Library
 Why first year students experience library anxiety, and tips for creating an environment that helps them overcome their apprehension.

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Contributors Include:

rp_pod lh_pod lk_pod dr_pod ac_pod  bg_pod
Ray Pun

Doctoral Student in Education Leadership
California State University, Fresno

 Lisa Hinchliffe

Professor/Coordinator for Information Literacy Services and Instruction in the University Library
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Laura Kohl

linkedin @lekohl

Director of Library Services
Bryant University

Danielle Rapue
linkedin @daniellerapue

Systems and Assessment Librarian
Pasadena City College

Andrew Carlos

STEM/Web Services Librarian
California State University, East Bay

Brian Gray

Team Leader, Research Services
Case Western Reserve University