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First Year Experience 
Access webinars, blog posts, and more

Open Resource E-book
The Credo FYE Guide: Practices for Enhancing Instruction
Tips, activities, and best practices to increase your impact on new students from the library to the classroom.

Webinar recording: Agents of Change: Innovative Strategies to Transform the First Year Experience
2018 FYE Innovation Award Winners Bryant Moore of Texas A&M University-San Antonio and librarians from Xavier University shared their best tips and strategies for scaling up a personalized approach to instruction and outreach, reducing library anxiety, and engaging students to become loyal library users

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Choice Podcasts: A First Year Experience Toolbox
We sponsored a series of recent Choice podcasts on the FYE featuring some of our favorite librarians. From better understanding the misconceptions first year students carry with them as they arrive on campus, to facilitating collaboration without reinventing the wheel year after year, these panels of librarians bring a wealth of experience and a full slate of fun activities to inspire your library’s FYE initiative.

Blog Posts
FYE Insights and News
Raymond Pun, Fresno State Doctoral Student, brings his unique perspective as the Credo Blog’s FYE Correspondent. Every month, he and guest librarians report on current trends and practices in the FYE. 

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Research Projects
Information Literacy Study
We partnered with Lisa Hinchliffe of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to explore predictable student misunderstandings regarding information literacy, and strategies to address these through instruction.

Read the full-text article in the journal, Communications in Information Literacy 

Student Research Skills
Surveyed hundreds of students and faculty to identify the truth and assumptions each make about student research
First Year Experience Survey
Partnered with Library Journal to research and measure the need for information literacy instruction for first-year college/university students and its impact on the First-Year Experience. 

Case Studies
Check out our Credo in Instruction case studies here!

Credo in Instruction
Learn how faculty and librarians can use Credo in instruction

Introducing Instruct: Health Science
As the health sciences continue to rank among the fastest growing occupations in America, Credo has designed health science-specific instruction content to help students build foundational skills. Instruct: Health Science provides librarians and faculty with the tools they need to teach and assess foundational skills within the context of this quickly growing discipline. The ready-made instructional materials free up class time in undergraduate and graduate-level courses for greater active practice and high-impact learning. Learn more about our Early Adopter Program here!

Open Resource IL Strategy E-handbook
From Planning to Assessment: A Guide to Creating a Successful IL Program
 A step-by-step approach to creating or improving an IL program, with current research, examples, and activities.

Webinar recording: Information Literacy in Context—Expanding Foundational Skills Instruction into the Disciplines 

Students benefit from learning foundational skills such as information literacy and critical thinking in a variety of settings. Join Jonna Peterson, senior clinical informationist at Northwestern University, and Amanda DiFeterici, instructional librarian and product manager at Credo Reference, as they present innovative approaches to broadening the reach of foundational skills instruction.

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Instruction Support
How Credo Online Reference Service supports instruction:

  • Every page includes permalinks, allowing librarians or faculty to create custom collections on the fly
  • Credo Embeds are an easy way to embed articles and entries onto your institution’s Learning Management System (LMS) or website
  • Topic Pages and articles are ideal for LibGuides and subject guides

Visit toolbox.credoreference.com for more tips, tricks, and advice for getting the most out of your subscription.

Credo InfoLit Learning Community
An open forum for librarians to communicate with other Learning Tools and Credo Online Reference Service customers, ask questions, and learn from each other’s best practices. 

In the News
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Press Releases

Credo Expands Current Events Research With the Addition of the AllSides Red Blue Dictionary and Facts On File's Issues & Controversies. Read more

Credo Introduces “Instruct: Health Science” – A Powerful New Resource for Librarians Teaching Foundational Skills. Read more...


OAT_seal_RGB Winner: 2018 Choice Outstanding Academic Title
Learn why we're considered the go-to instruction resource for libraries of all sizes and types globally.

Choice Review
Reviewed by D.G. Ernstausen, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Summing up:“...Essential. All libraries. All levels.” says Choice. “...a first-rate place to visit when [students] are looking for validated sources of information.

Charleston Advisor Review
Reviewed by Larry Sheret, Marshall University, Huntington, West Virginia
Advisor reviewed: 4.4 out of 5 stars - "especially well-suited to the beginning user population."

Council of Chief Librarians Electronic Access & Resources Committee Review
Comparison Review of Information Literacy Tutorial Products
 4 stars or higher in four out of the five categories - "Credo Instruct presents a series of tutorials that more closely match how librarians teach and address [traditional information literacy topics] in a way that supports the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy in Higher Education." 


Product Updates
Continuous enhancements to improve user experience

Credo Online Reference Service
Research Quick Tips
We’ve added concise, informative videos to the platform to assist learners during the research process. The brief clips are designed to provide information literacy instruction to users while they are searching for and evaluating background information. Topics covered include How to Find Relevant Sources, How to Avoid Bias in Your Searches, Using Pre-Research to Understand Your Topic, and more! This is a standard feature, included with all subscriptions at no additional cost. 

Real-time Reference Continues to Grow
Credo's Real-time Reference content category, available in all Core Collections, provides context and background on issues of current social importance. We’ve just added the AllSides Red Blue Dictionary, and Facts on File’s Issues & Controversies to the hundreds of entries from ProCon.org, Bloomberg QuickTake, and The Conversation. These authoritative sources cover and debate “in the news” topics like gun control, the gender wage gap, medical marijuana, and more. Entries are updated regularly and new content is added continuously to offer reliable, non-biased research from around the world.

Refreshed Titles in Credo’s Core Collections
10% of the total body of titles in our Core Collections are renewing in 2019 with new and updated content. All titles added so far this year have an average publication date of 2017 and 55% were released within the last 12 months.

Content updates are included in the subscription price at no extra cost. Check here to see recent and forthcoming releases and updates.

Add-on Content
Credo offers additional add-on content including one-time purchase titles, core collections, and essentials collections to meet all of your research content needs.

Benefits to subscribing to Credo's add-on content:

  • Customers experience on average a 57% jump in usage after they purchase a Custom Collection.
  • Customers who subscribe to Essentials Collections see on average a 120% jump in usage in the year following subscription. 
  • We’ve revamped our Essentials Collections to include even more up-to-date titles alongside the peer-acclaimed and award-winning content subscribers are accustomed to. Choose from 26 popular subject collections when migrating print-to-electronic resources, filling subject gaps, and building up your library’s digital catalog.


Content updates are included in the subscription price at no extra cost. Check here to see recent and forthcoming releases and updates.

Learning Tools
We’ve created the Learning Tools product family to provide you with new and updated resources for teaching foundational skills like information literacy, critical thinking, and communication. InstructTM (formerly known as the InfoLit Modules) offers unparalleled flexibility when delivering instruction in the classroom or on-demand, and includes powerful analytics tools for measuring student performance. ViewTM, an instructional video collection, will help kick-start new initiatives or enhance existing lessons.

new_2Introducing Instruct: Health Science
Our newest Instruct content package allows libraries to better support this quickly growing discipline with ACRL-aligned videos, tutorials, and assessment tools. Joining our early adopter program allows your library to: 

  • Immediately access this high-demand content and begin supporting foundational skills instruction in the health sciences
  • Share feedback to our product development team and contribute to the final version you’ll soon adopt
  • Access a limited, one-time-only discount on this platform

Instruct (formerly known as the InfoLit Modules)
Multimedia and assessment tool for deepening teaching of foundational skills. 

  • Select from included information literacy and/or critical thinking content packages.
  • Enrich instruction with dozens of standards-aligned videos, tutorials, and quizzes.
  • Generate engagement and assessment reports with Credo Insights, our graphical interface for better understanding product usage and student performance.

Instructional video collection supporting student learning of information literacy, communication, quantitative literacy, and other critical thinking skills.

  • Kickstart your library instruction program with 60+ high-quality, ACRL-aligned videos.
  • Flip classes, collaborate with faculty, and provide point-of-need instruction with ease.